XBB Xổ số Việt Nam

ALSOK - Professional Security Sevices Provider

Satisfy customers
XBB Xổ số Việt Nam ALSOK is an abbreviation of ALways Security OK. The name communicates our loyalty and readiness to act whenever needed.

XBB Xổ số Việt Nam Every member of ALSOK team is trained under the original Japanese Program. We are committed to enhance the quality of service offered to customers.

Customized security solutions
ALSOK establishes the optimal level of security services to all kinds of site: large and small. We provide customized security management solutions to keep customer’s business profitable.

About Us

We are Japanese company with over 50 years of experience about security services.
We provide security systems in Viet Nam since 2009, and we continue to develop our
business in the term of security services since 2016. Now, we provide the total security
solutions for customers: both equipment and security guards.

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